Wheelchair Cupcakes – a poem about a night in a wheelchair


One day I was working late, it must have been past midnight as everyone was asleep, so I was trying to get onto the bed from my wheelchair. I live with my family, but I didn’t want to wake them up.

After I finally managed to put myself onto the bed, I realized that I forgot to turn off the lights (I have an emergency light switch near the bed, but it’s separate) and the switch for those lights were at the other end of the room, so I get on my wheelchair again to switch them off and then get on the bed AGAIN! I use a powered wheelchair, so the moving part was easy, but all the movement and time made me tired and sleepy.

Anyway, after getting my breathing back to normal (almost) I managed to put my thoughts in this poem, enjoy!

Took me 10 min to get onto the bed
It.. wasn’t.. easy
First I put my legs on the bed
Then slowly tried pushing the upper area
Didn’t work!
So I crawled my way up
Now I’m on the bed!
Yay, but I realized I didn’t switch off the lights
I get in the wheelchair again
Switch the lights off
Get on the bed.. again!
But this time it took me only 8 min
Where’d 2 min go? I ponder

My legs are shaking
I know I was tired
Not because of the time, which was 12 pm
But because of those 18 mins
Which should’ve been 20!
So where’d that 2 min go?

It feels like I ran 1000 miles
Kinda felt.. good
My muscles are aching
I’m feeling the thunder
I like how this feels..
But where’d that 2 min go?

Now I’m almost asleep
I could hear my heart pounding
Now it’s slowly relaxing
My eyes are closing now
I could hear the lullaby the ceiling’s singing
~ la la la la laaa ~
But wait..

Where the fuck did that 2 min go?

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