Best female scene in movies

I won’t say I have seen plenty of movies to write this article, but I’ve seen enough to know which is the best female scene in movies/shows or in the history of cinema (well, according to me of course!).

Before I jump on to that, let me clear one major issue when we talk about a strong female character because the majority of movies and their writers get it WRONG!

What is a strong female character?

A strong female character doesn’t mean she has to be good at combat fighting and chemistry or physics and some other kungfu (I’m looking at you Charlie’s Angels 2019) because it’s not relatable.

No human on earth is good at every field then why show women as a fighter to market your “women empowerment” in movies/shows.

Don’t get me wrong, it feels good to see Gal Gadot as WW kicking ass of Ares or to see Black Widow saving Avenger’s life but there’s more to a person than that!

Considering all these amazing women and brilliant writing, my best strong female character award goes to.. Game of Thrones!

GoT have so many badass female characters such as Arya Stark, Khaleesi, Cersei, etc and no doubt this show gave us many brilliantly written female scenes.

But the BEST moment is when Khaleesi comes out of the fire.

Dany emerges from the flames with three new baby dragons in Game of Thrones' first season
Dany emerges from the flames with three new baby dragons in Game of Thrones’ first season | HBO

I’ll tell u why I’m calling this the best female scene in movies/shows in a bit. First, let’s talk about what exactly happening on the screen.

The first time when she came out of the fire is in the tenth and final episode named “Fire and Blood” of the first season.

It happens in Lhazar which is a peaceful country located south of Vaes Dothrak on the continent of Essos.

“Daenerys finds out that her unborn son died because of Mirri’s spell to avenge the destruction of her village and her people. Later Dany mercy kills Drogo as he was in the catatonic state which led his followers to abandon him.

Daenerys has Mirri tied to Drogo’s funeral pyre, with her dragons eggs placed on top. Daenerys declares herself queen of a new khalasar and steps into the lit pyre. By daybreak, Jorah and her remaining loyalists find her unharmed in the ashes, carrying three dragon hatchlings, the firstborn in decades. Amazed, they bow to Daenerys.”

Khaleesi coming out of the fire two times in Game of Thrones

Dany emerges out of fire in sixth season of Game of Thrones
Dany emerges out of fire in sixth season of Game of Thrones | independent.co.uk

The second time it happens in episode four named “Book of the Stranger” of the sixth season when Daenerys burns the Khals in city Vaes Dothrak.

“Daenerys stands before the gathered Khals in the temple to hear her fate. There, she recalls her pregnancy ritual in this temple and Khal Drogo’s vow to conquer Westeros. She accuses the Khals of being unsuited to leading the Dothraki due to their lack of ambition and says she will lead them.

When Khal Moro and the other khals threaten to gang-rape her, she tips two braziers onto the straw floor, quickly setting the entire temple on fire and killing the khals, who have been barred inside by a younger Dosh Khaleen. The Dothraki witness Daenerys emerges from the burning temple, naked but unburned; amazed, everyone including Jorah and Daario bows down to her.”

To understand the brilliance of these two scenes, we need to compare other female nude scenes in the movies/shows with these 2 gems.

Best female scene is in a tv show!

Hollywood has a long history of showing women nude or semi-nude just to lure the male audience.

Although there are male nude scenes in the movies (which happens three times less than the female nude scenes), it’s not shown in a sexual manner.

If a male nude scene has nothing to do with sex, it’s usually put there to establish the world and/or advance the plot. A prime example would be the nude fighting scene in Dark Tower 2, where Eddie Dean Must fight naked when Roland first encountered him through the door or male nude scene in the Chernobyl show.

These are the few examples of what Hollywood mentality is regarding female nudity.

Paramount Pictures via Everett Collection

There are SO many female nude scenes in movies which were unnecessary like in The wolf of wall street, Basic Instinct, Showgirl, etc

But the main problem with these movies is that women were shown nude just before she has sex with the male companion. Because that’s all one can do with a naked woman! 

Even if there’s no man in the sex scene, it will still be shown as eye candy for the male audience.

But in the GoT, when Khaleesi was shown naked, it wasn’t sexually or comically because of what happens after she was shown naked.

Everyone bowed down to her. They were amazed by her power (unburnt), she became the mother of dragons and eventually Mhysa in Season 3.

It matters how a woman is shown naked and what happens right after that scene!

Let me know in the comments, what do you think is the best female scene in movies or shows?

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